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Feature: Survivorship & Wellness Program

The Survivorship & Wellness Program at the Mass General Cancer Center at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital supports both the patients and programmatic needs, but also the staff. These needs include acupuncture and massage, visits with a nutritionist, and even exercise classes to boost energy and strength. This program also underwrites the cost of key services not covered by insurance such as education for treatment, nutrition counseling, prevention strategies, and patient navigation. It also supports basic needs for those who cannot afford transportation, gas cards, groceries, or other necessities during treatment.

The vision for this program is to provide patients with an array of services that address the medical realities of cancer, such as potential for late-effects, job loss, and financial burden, as well as educational and wellness projects to help patients and those closest to them thrive. “Survivor” is no longer a term used to describe someone who has undergone cancer treatment, but instead represents a story unique to every cancer patient. With the help of a specialized Nurse Navigator position, patients are guided through the healthcare system from diagnosis through survivorship. Thanks to funding from the Wentworth-Douglass Foundation and Seacoast Cancer 5K, the future of this program has been guaranteed for several years to come.

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