Kid Zone Activities

Your participation in this year’s Seacoast Cancer 5K is making a difference in the lives of cancer patients, survivors, and their families. With that mission in mind, we want this to be fun for everyone!

Check out some other fun activities to keep busy:

  • Flat Scal Travels the World: I’m sure you all have heard of “Flat Stanley.” This year we’ve created our very own version featuring our Honorary Captain of the SC5K, Brian Scalabrine. This is sure to generate some fun from all ages! Take him on your adventures and be sure to take photos!
  • Find Scal: Similarly, we’ve launched another new idea. Be on the lookout for Scal in windows, on counter tops or tables, in waiting rooms, of some of our local businesses. Take pictures and tag on social media that you’ve “Found Scal!”
  • SC5K Coloring Bibs and Pages: Because who doesn’t love a good coloring session!
    • Click HERE for the Coloring Bib
    • Click HERE for the Coloring Page
  • SC5K Word Search: Saving the best for last!